About the 30th Reunion

“NTU 30th Reunion” was initiated by the class that graduated in 1977, the purpose of which is to invite NTU alumni who graduated 30 years ago to gather again and visit their alma mater. The 2016 Reunion, the 10th since the tradition was established, is for the class who entered NTU in 1982.

Starting from 2009, the 30th Reunion has been held on the evening of NTU’s Commencement Day. A committee set up by the alumni who graduated 30 years ago organize a party for their classmates to visit the campus, get together and reminisce about their college days. The number of alumni attending the event in recent years has exceeded 1,000, with many alumni returning from abroad especially for this occasion.

“Thirty years of friendship, a lifetime’s affection”—How long has it been since you met with your classmates on the Royal Palm Avenue for a good time? At 5:00 PM, June 5, 2016, we’ll be waiting for you at the NTU Stadium to pick up where we left off 30 years ago. …